Slideshow: How to dance like an Adventist

It’s been a rough week. For all of us. So we thought it might be fun to dig up some archived Adventist dance tips for the weekend that is finally here…

16.) Cultural dancing

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Perhaps the biggest loophole in the "no dancing" rule. Apparently, dancing is all right as long as there are costumes from a foreign social group involved. (Photo by --Mark-- via flickr)

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  1. Kate

    #12 reminded me of the fellowship parties for the older group. Lots of marching once went on…to music! And even Pathfinders once did it!
    Beloved move of the clumsy, the rhythmless and the Adventist. When paired with a snap or clap, it may even pass for dancing. I have no rhythm 😉
    Ah, folk dancing…I heard at one time, is permissible

  2. SDA dancing is a no brainer. Just put one foot in front of the other. Move sideways, backward, act a little tipsy, bend your knees, lean back, hold on to someone from the opposite sex, turn around in circles, do the dozy doe, left foot, right foot, stand up, sit down, Abraham had many sons. Opps! I almost did a dance. I wanna be a Pentecostal, Bible thumping, post millennial, water baptism, Spirit led, gluten free, non-GMO Seventh-day Adventist. Where do I sign up? Andrews? Loma Linda? Orlando?, Takoma Park? Walla Walla? Lead me to that throne! Woe iz me!!

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