PEOPLE Magazine names Adventist 100-year-old bodybuilder ‘sexiest man alive’

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LOMA LINDA, Calif. — PEOPLE magazine has crowned a 100-year-old Adventist bodybuilder from Loma Linda the “sexiest man alive.”

The magazine said that instead of choosing a celebrity, they wanted to celebrate someone with “awesome staying power and an amazing Special K Loaf recipe.”

Hans Dole was chosen after PEOPLE editors sifted through dozens of candidates from blue zones around the world to find the centenarian man most likely to turn heads in the gym or walking down the street.

“Dole had a peculiar charm that helped him stand out from the centenarian remnant,” said PEOPLE.

When asked his secret for staying fit for a century, Dole said that “Sabbath naps, a lot of tofu and the very occasional Little Debbie treat go a long, long way.”

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  1. RicheeeRich

    People magazine made a big mistake. They did not check with my wife. She has a different opinion. She says that I am the sexiest man she knows. This includes inside & outside the church!! It’s all due to eating Little Debbies every day.

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