Security experts warn Adventists to stop using 1844 for their PIN numbers

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No imagination.
No imagination.

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Security experts at Adventist Risk Management have warned Adventists using 1844 as their PIN number that they are exposing themselves to huge risks.

“If you as an Adventist are using 1844 as your bank PIN number you are basically asking to be robbed,” said ARM security spokesperson, Locken Kee.

“You may think that you are being original but so do at least 144,000 other Adventists that wanted to pick a memorable number.”

Kee advised Adventists to choose far more personalized PIN numbers such as the number of stars they expect in their heavenly crown or the length of their ideal sermon.

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  1. RicheeeRich

    Hey, Locken-listen to me, your twin brother, Lacken. Keep lookin’ up. No more loopin’ around this issue. You want to start leepin’ and a larnin’ a thing or two. The secret number can be found on the Little Debbie label. Keep a lookin’.

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