Perks of Being Adventist

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We Adventists are a quirky bunch, passionate about our beliefs and the unique aspects of our lifestyle. Let’s dive into what makes us Adventists tick (in a good way):

Healthful Living: We’ve cracked the code on making healthy food downright delicious. From tofu hot dogs to lentil burgers, we’ve mastered the art of turning nutritious choices into mouthwatering delights. Who needs greasy fast food when you can savor the goodness of a flawless haystack? Easy on that sour cream.

Education: Our schools may have some strict rules, but they’ve earned a solid reputation worldwide. We take pride in running one of the largest Christian educational systems globally, with over 1.8 million students enrolled. Quite an achievement, no?

Facebook – Loma Linda University Health
Adventist Hospitals: Our hospitals may have more restrictive visiting hours than your grandma’s knitting club but rest assured, it’s all for your well-being. With over 170 hospitals and 240 smaller medical facilities across the globe, we’re like a superhero squad of healthcare. We serve millions of patients every year, regardless of their religious background. So, the next time you need medical attention, skip the WebMD rabbit hole and head straight to an Adventist hospital.

Facebook – ADRA International
Humanitarian Aid: Through ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), we’ve been spreading love and support to those in need for over 65 years. With operations in more than 130 countries, ADRA is like a global superhero, minus the cape and tights. In 2022 alone, we were able to assist over 100 million people—that’s more than the entire population of the UK!

Religious Freedom Advocacy: We’ve been fighting for religious freedom since the early days of our church. That’s why we proudly stand with the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) to defend this fundamental right worldwide. And when it comes to our Sabbath observance, we’re not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Just try scheduling an overly-active church event during those sacred hours, and see what happens.

Strong Sense of Community: We know how to have a good time and build a tight-knit community. Whether it’s camp meetings or church picnics, we create our own brand of fun, keeping it wholesome and family-friendly. We may not be the wildest party animals, but we sure know how to make memories that last.

Family Values: Family is a cornerstone of our faith, and we hold strong to the importance of close-knit relationships. We may not claim the spotlight like the Kardashians, but we sure know how to bond over a good old-fashioned family game night. Forget reality TV drama—join us for a night of laughter and friendly competition.

Sabbath and Rest:
Ah, the Sabbath, a cherished pillar of our Adventist faith. It’s not just a day to catch some shut-eye (although our Sabbath naps are legendary). The Sabbath holds a special place in our hearts as a time to recharge and find spiritual renewal. We gather to worship Jesus, loving the genuine camaraderie and uplifting messages. It’s a day to connect with nature, marveling at the wonders of creation and finding solace in its embrace. And let’s not forget the awesome Sabbath feasts! We come together for potluck extravaganzas, sharing delectable dishes that could make a food critic weak in the knees. The Sabbath is like a sacred reset button, allowing us to pause, reflect, and emerge with a renewed spirit.


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