Prince Harry and Meghan Ink Deal with Amazing Facts Television for Monarchy Series

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Sacramento, Calif. — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Amazing Facts, the renowned Adventist television ministry helmed by evangelist Doug Batchelor. Bearing the working title “Royally Redeemed,” the upcoming series promises a “meeting of monarchies” as couple tour the halls of the Highest Authority on Earth, also known as the General Conference headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In a statement Prince Harry and Meghan readily admitted they’d never stepped foot in the GC building but they were “beyond stoked to meet Adventist royalty that keep getting re-elected at every GC session.”

The partnership has generated a buzz of excitement within the Adventist community and beyond, with many eager to witness how the two do as they interact with the heads of departments ranging from Adventist Risk Management to Compliance Rhetoric in the cavernous, dimly-lot GC building.

“Royally Redeemed” is expected to inspire audiences around the globe and foster deeper conversations about how best to appeal to GC session delegates and garner the votes to join denominational royalty. The soundtrack comes straight from the Adventist hymnal.


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