Slide Show: 15 greatest disappointments of Adventists

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Thousands of people, some of whom had given away all of their possessions, waited expectantly for Jesus to appear on Oct. 22, 1844. When He didn't appear, the date became known as the Great Disappointment. Out of the Great Disappointment the seeds of the Seventh-day Adventist Church sprouted. Although we (thankfully) got out of the date-setting biz, here are a few other things we find to be epic letdowns.

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  1. Richard Mills

    One disappointment is not getting into Loma Linda Medical despite LL Alumni on your side. Must be the $$$$$$$$ that counts.
    It is no disappointment not to be on a nominating committee. That’s the best way to lose your soul and not be saved! Speak from many years of experience. What about being selected as a SS Teacher and nobody shows up to your class until 10:35 AM? Woe is me!!

  2. Bex

    #16, 17, 18, 19….. There are no anti-sabbath laws, Catholics don’t kill people, there’s an SDA man that may run for president, it has been 164 years since an angel told Ellen time will be up in a few months…

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