Slide Show: 16 tips to navigate and conquer an Adventist potluck

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2.) Bring something --- but not a new recipe you decided to try out the night before.

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It can go so, so wrong. And the temptation to bring it anyway--- someone will probably eat it, right? And why waste all this food?--- too strong. (Photo by Rod Herrea)

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  1. Richard Mills

    Potlucks at SDA churches should be banned. No SDA church in their right mind is going to follow your slide show suggestions. It’s too practical. Too boring. Too organized. How about the parents who have to juggle 4 or 5 plates of food for the little kiddies while the kiddies cannot make up their mind on the choices of food? The guy who goes through both lines with the same variety on both sides? Did you notice that the desserts are always gone, empty dishes, no crumbs. What health message? Woe is me!!

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