Slide Show: Adventist food quirks

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The health message is a Pretty Big Deal for Adventists and they are famous for their finicky dietary habits. Here are some actual food tips that we've heard and food quirks we've observed over the years. (Photo via

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  1. Ray Kraft

    No alcohol! Period!

    But didn’t Jesus say, “When you drink this cup (wine), remember me?” And didn’t He make the best wine anybody had ever tasted for the wedding at Caana?

    Oh, sorry, forgot, that musta been Welch’s grape juice.

    Or maybe it was Martinelli’s apple cider.

    Silly me.

    1. Jim E. Carter

      You may be delighted to know that the Adventist Book Center may market a new line of wine this fall, known as “Loma Linda VegeWine.” (It’s fermented but it’s OK because it’s “vegetarian.”) For the really conservative folk, there will be a vegan version.

  2. Bob Wasmer

    Personally, I don’t really care to eat peas, beans, wheat, or anything else that has seeds. All of these only wanted to do was reproduce (you know, “Go forth and multiply.”). Surely, there must be some prohibitable about such barbaric habits. And, what all those mushrooms and fungi that so many love (fried, sauced, pickled, & etc.)? I can’t even find such a group of organisms mentioned in the Bible! And, what do they live on? Dead and decaying things!

  3. Hold on there, Sevvy. Just a doggone moment. In one of the slides you mentioned or hinted that talking animals were part of the criteria for not eating meat. If you or any of the readers on this website attended any part of the elementary SDA educational system, you should remember that at NO time we’re talking animals EVER a part of any reading curriculum. Speaking about a talking animal in an SDA school is tantamount to unleashing the forces of the Apocalypse. You might as well schedule a meeting in front of the 70 elders of the school board and say good-bye to your job. So that slide should revoked. Ha. There’s a story for you. The top 20 Hallmarks of an SDA education. And yes, at the high school level we teach satire–Johnathon Swift comes to mind.

    1. formeradventist

      I was homeschooled because SDA schools were too worldly…talking animals were a huge no-no…I was not allowed to have books/coloring books with cartoony pictures, as they did not look real. Had to colour things realistically…all my stuffed animals were natural colours…and no dragons, unicorns, etc. However, Bambi was sort of OK. Not sure why.

      I am an artist, but did not discover my talent until I was free of all that. Turns out I enjoy drawing cartoon animals….

  4. Grant

    The best thing about leaving the SDA church was the beer. And the mussels, dungeness crab, manila clams. Oh so good! Certainly the Pacific Northwest savages that thrived while subsisting on these god-given foods would agree. And coffee. You know, that stuff that helps you live a few extra years when consumed in moderation? Love that coffee every morning.

    But since leaving the church, I’ve totally given up sweets. Refined sugar is worse than bacon. Which I love. Every Saturday morning when I watch the forbidden fruit of Saturday morning cartoons.

  5. free at last

    I did wonder, when I was an adventist, why unclean meats were off limits, but clothing made of mixed materials was OK…I asked my mom once, and she said maybe mixed fabrics were wrong, so I never asked questions like that again…did not want to risk even more rules…my family was very strict, even by adventist standards.

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