Will Ferrell credits Little Debbie’s with his conversion to Adventism

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imageBURBANK, Calif. — Three days after introducing Jimmy Fallon and America to his new Little Debbie persona on “The Tonight Show,” Will Ferrell shocked the Adventist world with the announcement of his conversion to Adventism.

“I was doing research to really get into my Little Debbie role and while snacking on a zebra cake I came across the fact that McKee Foods, the company behind the Little Debbie’s brand, is Adventist-owned,” said Ferrell in an interview with the Hope Channel. “So I decided to visit an Adventist church to further immerse myself in the new character.”

Ferrell said that on his very first visit to an Adventist church close to Burbank, he was invited home to a family lunch by Dorothy Taylor, “a lady who literally acts and dresses almost identically to my new Little Debbie character.”  Ferrell was so impressed by Taylor and her family’s Sabbath lunch hospitality that he made a point of visiting the family regularly.

“When I told Dorothy that I was planning on copying all her mannerisms for my Little Debbie act, she volunteered to coach me,” said Ferrell.  In between coaching sessions at the Taylor house, Ferrell said that his new friends gradually began to share what he called  “their quirky, vegetarian, Jewish-like Christian faith with a no-smoking, no-booze health message that makes room for snack cakes.”

By the time Ferrell was adequately prepared for “The Tonight Show” appearance, he had given much thought to spiritual matters as well.  “I was ready to get dunked,” he said.  Wasting no time, the star got baptized the Sabbath before his Tonight Show appearance.  “I did not dress in drag,” said Ferrell to concerned Adventist reporters.  “But the robe they gave me still felt like a dress.”

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  1. Rick

    Why did it take so long to post this when it happened on Thursday? I’m happy that Brother Farrell has joined our church. It shows that he is smart and recognizes the truth about the Sabbath and the Sanctuary, Diet, and The State of the Dead. However, we are too quick to promote people like him to leadership. We need to wait a significant amount of time to see if he fits in and becomes more like us. We don’t want him representing Adventism if he’s acting as a streaker (Old School), a mythical being (Elf), or a sports figure who would perform on the Sabbath (many different appearances-most recently, a baseball player who, most likely, won’t be like Sandy Koufax and keep the Sabbath commandment holy). We should probably decide long we wait to elevate him by tying it to how egregious each character has been. We don’t want another Angus Jones situation, do we?

    1. MARY TIER


    2. Truthinator

      Why is this just about the most typical response I could have expected. The second someone becomes an Adventist and you just blast him out of the water. The reason why there aren’t more Christians in the world is because of phoneys like you.

    3. Ryan

      Ricl why the hell do you sound so extra as if you are some holy saint? Nobody who is Adventist and in their right mind talks like that first of all or believes any of that about Will Ferral. Or as you said “Brother Ferrel”. Just fyi…. NOBODY SAYS THAT!

  2. Ray Kraft

    Little Debbie has a strange relationship with the Adventist Health Message. The No. 1 and No. 2 contents of just about every Little Debbie everything are (a) sugar, and (b) refined flour, in either order. Not exactly “health food.”

    Whole Foods vegan cookies, donuts, etc., have much better nutritional value and are the best I’ve ever tasted, except maybe the Chocolate Fudge Cookies from Reyes Market in Tucson . . . let’s face it, sugar, refined flour, LIttle Debbies are junky food.

  3. Wait. I get satire and parody but how much of this is real? Celebrities go through religious phases like Kleenex. Or is this a satirical message of the strange bedfellows betweens SDAs and a snack food company? I’m baffled

    1. One of the van Puttens (yep)

      It is 100% satire, as is everything on the website “barelyAdventist.” Nothing about the story is true except that he did appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show. The website is “us” making fun of “us” and they do it well. Makes me laugh all the time. Lighten up, folks! 🙂

  4. “. . . a health message that makes room for snack cakes.” That’s funny. I enjoy a Little Debbie snack cake once in a while. But I don’t fool myself into believing that it’s good for me. It is not health food. It won’t help me feel better or lose weight, even if McKee happens to be an Adventist and a big donor to Southern.

    1. Chad Morisse

      I know they’re full of sugar, fat, white flour, and other nefarious ingredients–not to mention tons of empty calories; but at least they don’t have hog lard. I believe the more Little Debbie’s I eat, the more the Lord will bless my health. Surely I will be immune to heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and cancer because I’m doing my Christian duty and making a sacrifice for the sake of SDA education because I’ve heard the company gives some money to SDA schools. Somebody has to make the sacrifice and chow down on these snack cakes! For me that’s way more enjoyable than sending a donation directly to the school. (Never mind that I used to wear a size 34 pants waist, and now wear size 48. At least I know it’s for a good cause.)

  5. Liz Long

    If he converted then good for him in finding a religion he believes in. So what if he’s a celebrity? Let him be and enjoy discovering the newness of being SDA. Don’t look for him to quickly disappoint. Because he will. Hes human like everyone else. And if he converts next week to Buddhism love him anyway. That’s what we’re to do if we are true Christians.

  6. Ryan Gibbons

    Converting to Adventism won’t save a man from the penalty of sin and death, Jesus Christ said you must be born again John chapter 3, be converted to Christ by the Spirit of God, be regenerated receive a new heart as promised in the prophet Jeremiah, simply conforming and making a decision towards the doctrines of men cannot change the sinful heart of man

    1. Joyce

      I get a bigger kick out of reading the comments than the actually SATIRICAL articles. I think we need to add a class on humor to most SDA church school curriculum. Even Jesus used humor. Lighten up people, or don’t read the articles on this site!

        1. Rob Crutcher

          Most of the comments are satire-upon-satire. They are intended to be funny by playing along with, or amplifying, the fiction in the satirical “news report” to the point of being ridiculous. The joke is on you.

          1. Richard Sherwin

            Which is what I’ve allouded to on this string if you had read my posts. But not always. I believe some really do believe these stories. I have personal friends that do. Now maybe having gullible friends says something about me……lol

          2. Flyboy

            Claiming that these serious responses are satire on satire is a little disingenuous. I only found out about this particular article because a colleague of mine announced at work that Farrell had been baptized. He was certain it was true. So I came digging and I found it here. I am sure this is not the only case of this happening. Some people just don’t do their homework. Don’t you recall the anger some of the posts reflected when it was announced on this website that Doug Bachelor was going to appear on Dancing With The Stars?! It would be funnier if these people were not SDA. As is, it is more embarrassing than humorous.

  7. RussL

    Yes, I am not as curious of the motivation as I am that of being the most over-the-top product placement programming I’ve ever seen. There has to be another reason besides comedic expression.

  8. RussL

    Yes, I am not as curious of the motivation as I am that of being the most over-the-top product placement programming I’ve ever seen. There has to be another reason besides comedic expression.


    I don’t know if he has really converted but don”t be too quick to have an opinion. It took my husband eight years the be”dunked”, and he was part of the production at WOODSTOCK.
    atlest he has been exposed to us, from there on it is all up to GOD.

  10. I worked at McKee foods for 17 years leaving to pursue my dream. The McKee family are people with the same needs to be successful and take care of themselves. They understand their wealth is the result of God’s blessings and working with His plan. Ruth and OD McKee had talents in baking and business and used these to provide for their family and help out many church endeavors. The company attempted many times to market healthier products that did not sell. Any business must produce items that the consumer will purchase. I would invite to go to the thrift store in Collegedale and view the dvd about the walking trails they are constructing. A great plan to encourage health ! I pray that Will Ferrell’s conversion is for real. He also needs Jesus just like
    ALL the rest of the human race.

  11. Ion G.

    I am sure that as a good Adventist first and foremost he loves Jesus, the main and the only salvation issue. Everything else are just nuts and bolts that fall in place whenever the Spirit leads. Congrats to my new brother in Christ. I’m very happy for him.

  12. Jeffrey Dacosta

    Jeff I am Happy for will Ferrell come on you Guys you should be happy for him just said the Lord judge not that you be not be Judged do not think yourself better then other men and set yourself up their judge since you cannot discern motive you are incapable of judging another in criticizing him you are passing sentence upon yourself : for you are participate with Satan the accuser of the Brethren Lord says Examine yourself whether ye be in faith prove your own selves this our work if we judge ourselves we should not be Judged ” (2 Corinthians 13:5 1 Corinthians 11:31

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