Adventist Veggie Meat Alternatives Now 100% Indistinguishable From Cardboard

LOMA LINDA, Calif. – NEWSTART Foods announced today that after years of research and development, their line of vegetarian meat substitutes has achieved complete parity with cardboard in terms Read more […]

Stuck Inside All Day? Watch Union College Students Try Veggie Meat Uncooked Straight Out Of The Can Thanks to the Union College Communication Program for letting us share this stomach-churning video! [NO QUICK REMINDER] SPONSORED Read more […]

Slide Show: 12 meat substitutes favored by Adventists

If there’s one thing Adventists are fond of, it’s their veggie meat. And why not? Adventists were pioneers in the field of meat alternatives (aka “meat analogues.” Blech. Good thing they stuck with the other title.) Plus, though the meat is faux, the enjoyment is real. Let’s be honest: Veggie meat tastes nothing like their meat counterparts. But they still taste pretty good, especially the ones that substitute for the unclean meats. Mmmmm, clean-unclean (non)meat.