Stuck Inside All Day? Watch Union College Students Try Veggie Meat Uncooked Straight Out Of The Can

Thanks to the Union College Communication Program for letting us share this stomach-churning video!



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  1. richard mills

    May I contribute a piece of culinary advice. Youse guys got it all wrong. Do the following-add 2 slices of cheese, big slices of onion, several pickles or the sliced dill pickle, mayonnaise, lettuce, dash of salt, dab of mustard all packed in a neatly sliced in half a sesame seed bun lightly toasted. Waash it down with a big gulp of caffeine free Pepsi. Delicious. Yummy yummy–good for the tummy. My wife used this method for decades. No one the wiser. Don’t forget a plateful of Fritos.

  2. J Paul

    Scallops, vegetable steaks, and dinner cuts… mmm mmm GOOD – vegetation beats flesh hands down!! Would love to see results of taste test between analogues and raw meat 😉 !!!

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