Stuck Inside All Day? Watch Union College Students Try Veggie Meat Uncooked Straight Out Of The Can Thanks to the Union College Communication Program for letting us share this stomach-churning video! [NO QUICK REMINDER] SPONSORED Read more […]

Sam’s Chicken Earns Andrews Cafeteria A Michelin Star

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — In an absolute first for an Adventist institution, the Andrews University cafeteria has been awarded a Michelin star in recognition of its “longstanding dedication to Read more […]

Prodigal Son’s Brother Suddenly Vegan For Return Feast

ANCIENT JUDEA — A catering crisis blew up minutes after the prodigal son returned to his father. Although most of the household and its well-compensated staff were delighted at the announcement Read more […]

First vegan Dairy Queen to open at Loma Linda University

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Frozen-treat chain Dairy Queen has announced plans to open an entirely vegan store on the campus of Loma Linda University. Although the chain already offers some vegan-appropriate Read more […]

Poll: 99% of Adventists believe it is better to give than to receive CHIP cookbooks

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The results of a Pew Survey into cultural attitudes within Adventism has unearthed timely data as Adventists everywhere gather under the Christmas tree to exchange gifts: Read more […]

Adventist vegans to be cast in Hunger Games

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Lionsgate film execs for the popular ‘Hunger Games’ series have revealed that dozens of vegan Adventists have been cast as extras for emaciated crowd scenes in the Read more […]

Pre-blessed Big Franks to hit stores

NASHVILLE, N. Car. — The owners of the Worthington / Loma Linda brand are set to test a pre-blessed version of the popular Big Franks veggie links. “Today’s Adventist consumers are so busy we Read more […]