Slide Show: 12 meat substitutes favored by Adventists

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If there's one thing Adventists are fond of, it's their veggie meat. And why not? Adventists were pioneers in the field of meat alternatives (aka "meat analogues." Blech. Good thing they stuck with the other title.) Plus, though the meat is faux, the enjoyment is real. Let's be honest: Veggie meat tastes nothing like their meat counterparts. But they still taste pretty good, especially the ones that substitute for the unclean meats. Mmmmm, clean-unclean (non)meat.

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  1. Damien

    Seriously… don’t call it meat analogue or meat substitute as it insults all analogue devices and substitute teachers. Call it what it really is… synthetic meat.

    I believe that people who eat meat substitute are the worst kind of liars, because they are lying to themselves.

  2. Richard Mills

    You also forgot the Nuteena, which could be eaten right out of the can, The Tuno. Was that stuff tuna fish? The phony baloney slices? The chicken slices? All you gotta do is doctor the stuff with cooked pepper slices, lots of fried onions mixed in, slabs of mayonaise, dabs of mustard, sprinkle of salt and you are good. Cannot tell the difference. I am partial to my wife’s vega meatballs in genuine Italian sauce on a 12 inch sub roll. The cottage cheese loaf and the K-loaf are the best. Bring ’em on. Fry ’em up. Better yet, deep fry ’em Yummy Yummy–Good for your tummy!! PS.come on over to my house for Sabbath Dinner. You’ll never be the same! Then we serve you the “hockey pucks” ..No-that’s at the local church pot luck. Sorry!! Woe is me!

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