Smart Fridge Reports Adventists That Store Banned Products

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Report sent.
ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventists around the world have been directed to buy Frigid a new smart fridge that is designed to keep members accountable health-wise.

Frigid reports the presence of banned products such as caffeinated drinks and questionable ones like duck meat, if and when they are left on a shelf for more than 60 seconds.

Veggie cops will then trace the location of your smart fridge and pay you a visit within 24 hours (less if you live in Silver Spring.)

Photo evidence of the product in question is authomatically sent with the report in case you try to get rid of the Coke bottle before the authorities arrive.

As a side benefit, Frigid can also tell you if what you made for potluck looks edible.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I’m gonna sign up my church, especially the potluck one. Seems a lot of that food is usually leftovers all doctored up to appear to be edible. My stomach can’t take this stuff much longer. I just might go to the BurgerKing and get me an Impossible Burger with all the trimmings. Come on down and join me in lunch.

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