Southern to unveil ‘NoShow’, an interactive Great Disappointment reenactment

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Artistic depiction of William Miller preaching about the end of the world...
Artistic depiction of William Miller preaching about the end of the world…
COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. – As part of the SonRise Resurrection Pageant this Easter weekend, Southern Adventist University announced in an official statement today that they will be unveiling a new interactive reenactment in the Fall.

Tentatively titled NoShow, the production will follow the journey of William Miller and the Millerites from initial revelations about Jesus’ imminent return, to that tragic night of October 22, 1844, and the subsequent birth of Adventism from the ashes of disappointment.

When asked why the University would choose to focus on what many feel is the most embarrassing part of Adventist history, SAU religion professor and early church historian, Herman Smith, replied: “Well, we have to find some way to get young people excited about church history, don’t we? It’s a battle just to keep students awake in my course on Ellen G. White. This is a great opportunity to get them actively involved in the rich history and beginnings of our church.”

Though the script is still being written and plans finalized for NoShow, the planning committee has said this production will follow a similar format to SonRise with a “walk-through” experience for the audience. The show will open with William Miller hard at work, studying scripture in a stuffy office in Hackman Hall, ending with the final scene of disappointment in the K.R. Davis Promenade.

Southern hopes NoShow will be an even bigger hit than SonRise. “Not only will this pageant attract the usual crowds of church members and University students, but we also expect a large turnout from all across Tennessee and surrounding states. Ardent fans of Civil War reenactments will surely be drawn to this riveting production as well.”

Initial reactions to this production have been mixed, but Southern is confident it will gain steam in the months ahead. “It took a while for William Miller’s message of Christ’s soon return to take hold, but in the end he had thousands of believers anxiously waiting that night. That seems like a solid goal for us as well.”

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  1. Ray Kraft

    Why not take it all the way . . . turn “No Show” into a feature film . . . directed by, say, Clint Eastwood . . . my crystal ball sees Oscars blowin’ in the wind!

    It could be one of the great mystery movies, Why didn’t Jesus come when William Miller said he would?

    Alfred Hitchcock would be green with envy.

  2. Eli Flynn

    What a crock of baloney. This story is FAKE. In fact, all stories on this site are fake. Here’s what they were supposed to say: it’s not happening at SAU, but actually at PUC in Angwin, California. It’s not this fall, it’s actually on May 21. It’s not about William Miller, it’s actually about Harold Camping, the late broadcaster, author, and evangelist. who predicted Christ would come on May 21, 2011, That prediction temporarily gained him a global following—and millions of dollars of donations from adherents who thought they would have no need of their money after that date (so why not give it to Camping?). Although Camping was not an Adventist, PUC offered to commemorate his great disappointment based strictly on the geographical proximity of Angwin to Oakland. There you have it.

  3. Richard Mills

    Sounds like these film students at SU are desperate to ideas. Or maybe a bit creative? A Hollywood production would be more professionally done, chance for bit actors to shine, fancy musical selections, etc. Talk to Mel Gibson, Roma Downey, Oprah even Bill O’Reilly!! “The Killing of Wm. Miller & 1844” Woe is me!!

    1. Dorothy Mills

      Richard, there you go talking about Roma Downey again. Forget about her, for goodness sake, or woe is you because you’ll be back in the doghouse again. (OK, now back to my Robert Downey flick.)

  4. We need a dream team of actors. I vote for Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and I suppose Leonardo DiCaprio will have to do for the younger crowd. We need a sailor type, a rough-neck backwoods type, and a basic bunch of rugged-looking people with 3-day stubble and wind-blown locks. The female actors should probably not look rugged or scruffy.

    1. Tom Selleck

      Milla, how could you forget about me? Am I not one of your favorite actors too? Most women would swoon at the sight of me. I’m slightly offended that you left me off the dream team. What will it take to be included? Do I need to grovel and beg?

  5. Milla Smith

    Tom you’re right. I’ve loved you since the the 80s. Tom Cruise I think you’re too short. I’m kinda tall, though you’re cute. You shouldn’t have left Nicole. Mel you’re handsome– how could I have forgotten you? I was on my way to church and was in a hurry when I posted my dream team. Brad you’re kinda young for me though youre a superb actor. Dang. I didn’t think I’d made such a wave of interest! Hmmmmm. I think I know who my anonymous sender is…. You’re a genius.

    1. Russell Crowe

      G’day, kaj. Ace, cobber! No worries, mate. Good to see I still have a few fans, but I’m tied here Down Under. Can’t help with those Yanks’ film. Anyhoo, ta for thinking of me, mate! Hooroo.

  6. “Please note that all characters and incidents appearing in this ‘report,’ including any comments thereupon, are fictitious or parodied. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead (or incidents, past or future) is purely coincidental and/or is solely for purposes of parody, satire, or comedy. If you do not find the stories funny, please see your doctor to check your sense of humor (or perhaps to check your pulse). After all, laughter is the best medicine.”

    To me the funniest part of this story is: “The show will . . . end with the final scene of disappointment in the K.R. Davis Promenade.” Why on the Promenade, of all places? Why not in the Garden of Prayer, or atop the Goliath Wall in the student park? Or perhaps in the graveyard on College Drive?

  7. kaj

    Elizabeth: Campus Safety *still* has yet to extricate all the amorous couples who use those venues. Bad PR for the production. They’re playing it safe by using the Promenade.

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