Special offering to fit female church workers’ offices with glass ceilings

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — Church stewardship leaders are promoting a special offering that will be taken up next Sabbath for the remodeling of offices of female workers employed by the Adventist church. “It is time we did something tangible to appreciate the tireless work of the women in our schools, hospitals and various administrative offices around the world,” said World Stewardship Director, Bo Richeter. “This Sabbath’s offering will go toward a simple but beautiful glass ceiling, custom-built for every female worker we employ as a denomination.”

While Richeter acknowledged that while glass ceilings “do not come close to being sufficient thanks for the superb secretarial work, flower arrangement and babysitting that our women provide,” the very obvious changes to their offices would at least serve as a “visual reminder of their value to the church and the great future in store for them.”

Richeter stressed that church-related work was often exhausting and modestly paid. He encouraged Adventist women working for the denomination around the world to remember the beautiful glass ceilings in their offices and cubicles whenever the pressure of work and “worrying about getting home in time to make dinner for your husband and kids gets too much.”

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