Tower of Babel Completed Thanks To Stirring Rendition of “Love in Any Language”

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TODAY in Ancient Mesopotamia — Builders that had been slaving away at the tower of Babel hit what could generously be described as a “communication snag” earlier in the morning when they discovered that they could no longer communicate in one language.

The construction site was transformed from the picture of ambitious efficiency one moment, to complete pandemonium the next as workers abandoned their posts and prepared to hoof it as far away from the scene of their frustrations as they possibly could.

Just as they had begun to wave their irritated goodbyes, a strong soprano whose descendants would later include Sandi Patty and countless Adventist wannabes, began to belt out “Love In Any Language.”

The anthem, sung straight from the heart, brought everyone together, never to part. And once all the builders learned to speak it, all of Mesopotamia could hear, “Love In Any Language” sung above the literal groans of sacred music proponents that even then, swore by their hymns.


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  1. Richard Mills

    We are all building our own Babels. That’s why so many are dysfunctional, mixed up, hanging around the gray areas of society, gender issues, lack of trust & confidence in most of our SDA leaders, no more paying tithe, church & SS is irrelevant, pastors do not want to preach about the pillars of the church. On & on & on & on she goes. Where she stops , nobody knows.

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