Old-Timer Prays for Jesus to Return Before Those “Dang Hippie Youngsters” Lead Praise Again

The usually peaceful Polkadot Plains Adventist Church was the scene of mild commotion this Sabbath, as 73-year-old Ethel Rutabaga reportedly delayed potluck with a dramatic prayer for Jesus to Read more […]

Adventist Anti-Drum Lobby Solves Dilemma By Removing Hearing Aids

ADVENTIST WORLD — Anti-drum activists in the Adventist Church have finally decided to lay down their arms and solve the percussion problem that has driven them crazy since the start of the 1990s Read more […]

Tower of Babel Completed Thanks To Stirring Rendition of “Love in Any Language”

TODAY in Ancient Mesopotamia — Builders that had been slaving away at the tower of Babel hit what could generously be described as a “communication snag” earlier in the morning when they discovered Read more […]