Walla Walla aviation program scraps planes for balloons

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Old School...
Old School…
COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. — In a dramatic U-turn for Walla Walla University’s Aviation program, the existing fleet of planes has been sold to buy hot air balloons.

Walla Walla made the decision to capitalize on what it called “an unlimited supply of free hot air available from church administrators anxious to regulate every aspect of Adventist education.”

In addition to the cost savings of teaching balloonists instead of pilots, Walla Walla administration plan to use the balloons to evangelize the state of Washington.

The institution’s Aviation program has partnered with top campus theologians in designing the new fleet.

“Each hot air balloon will be branded with uplifting Adventist messages,” said Walla Walla Aviation spokesperson Puedo Volar.

He revealed that the school’s first completed balloon reads “Jesus is Coming.”

Volar said that the next two balloon designs will read “Time is Running Out” and “Marry Now.”

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  1. Teddy Wilson

    Fables and phony information, mixed with a pathetic jab at the hard-working NAD administrators who help to keep our colleges on track and successful. This is not humor or satire, it’s sarcasm. No wonder this blog is failing.

  2. Richard mills

    Just wanna see how this hot air balloon thing works at the next GC. Maybe they can use it at the Speedway. Will balloons be available to rent? I wanna fly high into the sky. The wild blue yonder,etc. let’s begin an SDA Air Force. Sign me up.

  3. Pointing the Finger

    When a fellow church member “falls from grace,” we are quick to demonize them for actually doing what we ourselves probably have been tempted to do (or have done but have not yet been caught).

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