White Estate Ditches Plans to Make EGW Smile in Historic Photos After Kate Middleton Fiasco

The Ellen G. White Estate has called off its mission to plaster a grin on Adventist cofounder Ellen White’s face in photographs. The sudden change of heart follows the uproar caused by Princess Kate Middleton’s digitally altered UK Mother’s Day snapshot.

A spokesperson for the White Estate said, “White wasn’t too keen on flashing those pearly whites. People just didn’t smile for photos back in the day. After seeing the royal ruckus over Kate’s photo, we realized we’d rather not mess with history. So White’s serious face stays put!”

The original idea was to sprinkle a dash of happiness onto Ellen White’s stoic countenance, hoping to make her more approachable to the modern Adventist crowd. But the uproar of Middleton’s altered UK Mother’s Day photo served as a wake-up call and the White Estate has formed a fresh committee to find ways to make the Adventist pioneer approachable.

Adventists worldwide have responded with a mix of relief and amusement, “Who needs a smiling prophetess when we’ve got Ellen’s no-nonsense glare to keep us in line?” said one church member. “I’m sure there’s an Ellen quote somewhere along the lines of, ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a forced smile just ain’t my style.’”


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