Philippine President Duterte’s Seventh-day Adventist membership application in character review process

click on the pic for the Sun Star's interview...
click on the pic for the Sun Star’s interview…
MANILA, Philippines — An application for membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been submitted by newly-elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The church has acknowledged receipt of the application and a character review of the baptismal candidate is under way.

President Duterte signalled his interest in the church in a recent interview with the Cebu Sun Star in which he said that if he was excommunicated from his own church he “might join the Seventh-day Adventists.”

Joining the Adventist Church would be a bit of an adjustment for the president, said University of the Philippines Anthropology specialist, Miguel Magnolia. “The Seventh-day Adventists don’t just baptize you on the spot. They want you to know what you are committing to. Plus, vegetarian chicken can be a shock to the system.”

So far Duterte has taken several steps to learn about the denomination. He signalled willingness to attend informational briefings on doctrinal teachings and character expectations of the church. He also has toured a number of Adventist educational and medical institutions in the Philippines.  Perhaps most significantly, Duterte has pledged to eliminate pork consumption in the Asian nation.


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    • Sam

      Heard from the grapevine what Trump really said, ” seriously folks,did I really said that? If I did, and it is what you think, when I am POTUS I will let any Filipino come to the US visa free”.

      • Eve

        OK. Then I’ll vote for him….coz I want to live in the USA. With a lot of prayers, Donald may be transformed into a real disciple of Jesus. And by the way, we don’t require veggie meats on the plate. Grains, nuts, veggies, fruits in its simplest form is the best

      • Robin

        Hahaha…..I dont think so! Dont you know that Filipino applicants must pay first a tourist visa fee of almost Php8,000.00 without any assurance that their application’s will be granted? Do you think that the U.S. govt will allow this humor?

  1. richard mills

    Why in the world does the SDA church need Duterte? Would it be to elevate him at the next GC Session in 2020? Duterte looks like he could be the enforcer. He could take care of any of the protesters at the GC. He will make someone swim with the fishes. Let him find some of Emelda’s shoes for a cement fitting. Woe iz me.

  2. Saturn Jay R. Tandayag

    It is his religious and civil right to leave or join any religious denomination. What is important is he can lead the country according to the law.

    • jun chentes

      you are correct…if that will be the reason for him to be totally changed,specially his character,i think there is nothing wrong…anyway it is the Holy Spirit who will make a great change for him,not the religion itself….what’ s wrong if he accept the adventists faith??

      • Jesse Jack'sSon

        It’s fine if he joins the SDA church. But the point is: he did NOT join it, and he probably won’t join it. He was just making an off-hand comment.

      • Janice

        True,we adventist we know very well,the teaching of God we dont right to condemn the person although we admitted that ww are only a human most of the time we can easily to condemn but whatever our President choose to join adventist he is very welcome only God knows his heart and this man is not bad he want only to control and dicipline the evil doers in our country..

  3. nico

    You have chosen the right denomination, Mr. President! Welcome to the Adventist family. I pray that God will continue to grant you good health, wisdom, and knowledge as you faithfully serve your countrymen.
    “God does not call those who are qualified, He qualifies those who are called. ” May the Holy Spirit continue to work on each one of us to be like Jesus in character.


    This is the best decision you have made. You will never regret.This has not been revealed to by man but by God through the work of the Holy Spirit.
    Be blessed as you join the SDA community.

    • Rev. Al Shrapnel

      Prez. Dutarte wasn’t making a nice comment about SDA church. He referred to it in the same sarcastic way that we might say: “There are plenty of religions out there; I might even join the Moonies or the Hare Krishna!”

        • Geo. Washington

          The disclaimers are plainly printed at the top right corner of every page of this web site: “Adventist satire and humor.” And the ‘About‘ page of this site makes it clear that this is a satire/parody/humor site. Therefore, as George Washington said in 1776, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

  5. maricel

    As i am a sevent day adventist,i dont see why mr duterte would fail. In character reviews.seventhday adventist always welcoming pipol who r truely believe in GOD,Willing to adapt the ways of how SDA teach and how they spread GODs teaching.As long as MR PRESIDENT DUTERTE HAVE A STRONG DETERMINATION and FAITH IN GOD there would no hassles come his way.he would never wary coz. God will always be wth him

  6. Mike J

    Let me just say this is SATIRE.

    (for all sdas who are always mislead by this site esp my friends and the confusion it stirs with non sdas.)

    There is no truth to an application being filed for membership. But it is true that he did say what is quoted from sunstar. The rest is fictitious.

    • The Donald Dump

      The joke is on you, Big Mike J. It’s comical, funny, and hilarious when geniuses like you try to convince us that the news stories on this site are mere satire. Never mind the fact that the “About” page and the slogan at the top right corner say it is satire; only the most gullible suckers would actually believe those disclaimers. The people who think this site is fictitious, are so gullible that they would believe the moon is made of cheese!

      • Mike J

        This comment was obviously not directed to you then.
        I have been aware of this site for a very long time now. And I know it is satire.

        The only reason why I posted this is because of the real-life problems it’s been causing the local church. Yes, it’s funny to some people.
        Yes, it’s fiction. But it has already made negative views on the local church esp here in the Philippines with this one article with real consequences.

        So yeah. It’s a joke I know.
        On me? I hope it stays with me. But it did not. That’s a fact.

        • Donald Dump

          That is why people need to learn how to read. The disclaimers are plainly printed at the top right corner of every page of this web site: “Adventist satire and humor.” And the ‘About‘ page of this site makes it clear that this is a satire/parody/humor site. Therefore, as Abraham Lincoln said in 1844, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

          • Joe SDA

            The original group of “date setters” had a disclaimer for 1844: “If the Lord does not return on said date, then it is because he had a change of heart and not because we had the wrong date”

  7. Ron

    Hey Rev. Shrapnel,

    This might be a made up story. Listen up.
    Be calm and still…
    Just empty your mind and do the uhumm humming…
    Do you hear the devil whispering in your ear.
    “Son you made me happy today”

    Now I will count 1 to 5, afterwards you will wake up and feeling fulfilled.
    There, you feel refresh…
    Have a good day, Reverend of whatever priesthood you are….

  8. We christian SDA we know about the teaching we bear our mind not to criticize,so if Duterte join the belief of SDA he is very welcome.Im sure our leader not criticize him they know it very well..about God teaching

    • Rev. Al Shrapnel

      President Dutarte obviously did not join the SDA religion. He was answering a question: “What if the Catholic Church excommunicates you?” His answer was, “So what? There are many religions. I could join any of them, even SDA.”

      That is the same way that I might say, “If the Baptist church kicks me out, so what? There are plenty of religions out there. I could even join the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witness or the Moonies or the Hare Krishna, or the Branch Davidians. Heck, I could even join Scientology or the UFO cult!”

  9. It will be the Holy Spirit that will guide his understanding ..if his willing to accept Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. GOD will be with Him. Who are we that we do not even know how we can be save…and as long the church do not intervene in his political decision it is in God’s will and guidance that our country will survive..

    • Thomas Jefferson

      That is a beautiful prayer, but ask yourself: “Did President Dutarte really submit an application to join the SDA Church? Or did he say that he is still a member of the Catholic Church and did he answer a question about could happen if, perhaps, he might end up being excommunicated from the Catholic Church?” Learn to distinguish between satire and reality. Learn to analyze what you read and be aware of the context.

    • Abe Lincoln

      People need to learn how to read. The disclaimers are plainly printed at the top right corner of every page of this web site: “Adventist satire and humor.” And the ‘About‘ page of this site makes it clear that this is a satire/parody/humor site. Therefore, as Abraham Lincoln said in 1844, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

  10. Ely

    Hello fellow Christians, God is not mocked, Whatever a man soweth , the same shall he harvest..Remember prophet Elisha when he was mocked ? ” Surely Men looked at outside appearance but God looks inside the heart.. Only President Duterte is the one who exactly knew what he meant. No one and No body can translate nor change the meaning of it.. Only God knows.. Everyone please hold your horses.. Do not “ass-u-me “

  11. Anthony

    There is no perfect church. Church is made of people. However there is a perfect doctrine coming from the perfect Bible from the perfect Creator.

    Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. John 7:17

  12. Engr. Norberto A. Panes

    From fast, present and future generation God has always been designated somebody whoever they’re to be his instruments of reminding His people that there is God who always in control of everything in this World whichever they will be a prophets, apostles, teachers,writers, ministers and head of states as this will going to happened as part of the drama of the history of the Word till His second coming.

  13. Lucino Bernal

    God directed people to his light, in many ways…For Duterte, to become a Sda js a Providence not accident…He have .many wonderful truth to reveal. Precious truths

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  15. Cedric Simmons

    Don’t Be a Chump, Vote for

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  16. harry

    You cannot cross the bridge if you are not there. Well, please listen to the flow of interest of his statement. As what he said, Kadaghan religion, Di mag Sabadista nalang ko.Hope the President cross the bridge at the right time. You are welcome to the Seventh-day Adventist family Mr. President.

  17. Barry Gowland

    Writing from a British perspective…..if his motives are pure ones; if he understands what he’s letting himself in for; if he recognises that someone in his position is likely to reflect on SDAs as a whole by his private and public behaviour; then it is no more wrong than some Queen’s Representatives in the West Indies being SDAs.
    However, civil headship and religious headship are different kettles of fish altogether. Yes, we are more numerous in the Philippines that is the case here in the UK. Yet the same principle would apply if some senior member of the British Royal Family ever were to do the same thing.

  18. Lila Wiles

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