Tupperware pays tithe on Adventist foot-washing bowl contract

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Tupperware loves us.
Tupperware loves us.
ORLANDO, Fla. — Tupperware Brands Corporation, parent company of popular Tupperware products, has paid tithe on the first 12 months of a world-wide exclusive foot-washing bowl contract with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The undisclosed tithing sum will go to support communion expenses for Adventist churches around the world.

“As Adventist numbers grow the cost of Welch’s grape juice and appropriate wafers is going through the roof, so we are grateful that Tupperware has seen the light,” said GC Tupperware Party Director Teight Seel.

The footwashing contract makes Tupperware the exclusive foot-washing bowl supplier for the denomination going forward. “Pastors and their staff have received received strict instructions from the General Conference not to cut corners with cheap mixing bowls from the dollar store,” said Seel.

He added that if Tupperware consents to annual goodwill offerings to the church, the GC might award the company exclusive rights to be the only officially sanctioned potluck container brand.


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  1. J. Alan Nash

    Under the Old Covenant tithe law only those in animal husbandry and agriculture were commanded to tithe. All others were tithe exempt such as people that made a living building houses, making furniture, pottery, clothing, boats, nets, fishing, servants, etc.
    Why is it when churches and denominations demand tithe they do not exempt these people as well as the poor as God does in the Old Covenant Law? God does not ask for wages or income to be paid as tithe to the church or pastors!
    Jesus did not tithe. He was first a carpenter then after age 30 he was preacher and teacher. Both professions were excluded from paying tithe.
    EGW: A tithe of our income is “holy unto the Lord.” The New Testament does not re-enact the law of the tithe, as it does not that of the Sabbath; for the validity of both is assumed. The Faith I Live By, page 244

  2. Donald Tramp

    Ever heard of Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long, Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, et al? Ever wonder why they’re multi-millionaires with private jets? Because they convince a bunch of little old ladies to give their last penny as a “tithe” to their so-called “ministry” so the little old ladies can receive a blessing.

    Bishop Eddie Long – Net Worth $5 Million
    Creflo Dollar – Net Worth $27 Million
    Benny Hinn – Net Worth $42 Million
    Pat Robertson – Net Worth $100 Million
    Kenneth Copeland – Net Worth $760 Million

    They say, “send me your hard-earned money as a faith ‘seed,’ and God will multiply it and send it back to you.” There’s a name for that: fraud and thievery. Why should “ministers” be crooks? Better leave that to crooked, shady politicians who run fraudulent rags-to-riches real estate schools.

  3. Judas IsScaredyCat

    Organized religion in general, including independent ministries, non-denominational churches, and the SDA Church, are all based on a common unwritten theme: we have to constantly expand our membership so we can get more tithes and offerings and don’t have to work a real job.

    1. Gullible Joe

      “Mary, do we have enough income to pay our bills this month?”
      “Then write another big check to the church.”
      “But how can we do that?”
      “Don’t worry, Mary. We’ll be sure to go to heaven if we donate enough. Don’t you want to go to heaven? Plus, God will pay our bills for us if we donate a lot to the church.”

  4. Yogi the Bear

    I was at a baseball game yesterday, and suddenly a couple of streakers ran across the field. I couldn’t tell if they were male, or female, because they had a bag over their head.

  5. Worried in Iowa

    Should my pastor turn himself in to the GC if my local church is not using Tupperware? We’re using the cheap dollar-store bowls. . . . Does that mean we will go to Hades?

  6. Will Tedson

    Why are SDA pastors so concerned about “church growth”? Because they want good reviews from the conference president. Why is the conference president so hepped up about church having more baptisms? To build his credentials for a possible promotion to union president, and to bring in new sources of tithe revenue. Why are the union and division presidents so demanding of more and more baptisms and church growth? To guarantee their job security with big streams of income into the Division coffers from a lot of small-time offering and tithe-payers. Why is the GC Prez pushing more evangelism, more baptisms (dunking almost anyone who is breathing)? To expand the G.C.’s market share in the big business of religion and funnel more donations to the G.C. It’s all about money, dude.

  7. richard mills

    Hooray for Tupperware. The only suggestion is to make all the bowls white for purity, angelic and pure SDA wholesomeness. Perhaps some enterprising SDA youth can install a musical device into the dishes so as to play a few hymns while the foot washing goes on. I gonna donate all my wife’s unused Tupperware to our local church. We have an assortment of sizes for different sizes of feets or is it foots? PS-will there be Tupperware bowls in Heaven for the communion? Just wondering. I need some assistance in getting back to my room down the hall. Woe iz me!!

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