Sock Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Communion Sabbath

Adventist communion attire is pretty straightforward. Skirts hit the knee, shirts hide the shoulders, all very respectful. But there’s one often-overlooked landmine lurking beneath the pews: socks. Read more […]

Tupperware pays tithe on Adventist foot-washing bowl contract

ORLANDO, Fla. — Tupperware Brands Corporation, parent company of popular Tupperware products, has paid tithe on the first 12 months of a world-wide exclusive foot-washing bowl contract with Read more […]

Slide Show: How to wash feet with the least amount of contact

Washing one another’s feet is a time-honored practice that is supposed to instill in the participants a sense of humbleness, service, gentleness, kindness, meekness, closeness and all that other good stuff. But who knows where that other’s person foot has been? There are things in the world like germs, fungus and flesh-eating bacteria, you know. Here’s how to wash feet with the least amount of human contact.

Superstitious Church leaders scrap 13th Sabbath tradition

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In a dramatic shift for the Adventist church, world leaders have decided to discontinue the practice of holding special offerings and communion on the last Saturday of each Read more […]