Sock Fashion Dos and Don’ts for Communion Sabbath

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Adventist communion attire is pretty straightforward. Skirts hit the knee, shirts hide the shoulders, all very respectful. But there’s one often-overlooked landmine lurking beneath the pews: socks. Yes, socks. Those little foot soldiers can make or break your communion fashion game. Here’s your ultimate guide to sock-related faux pas:

1. The Loudmouth Lycra:

Neon green stripes? Ankle socks with cartoon characters? These attention-grabbers are a big no-no during foot washing. Save the wild prints for the bowling alley, and stick to solid colors or subtle patterns.

2. The Barefoot Bandit:
Going sockless might seem like a breezy choice, but it screams “unprepared” and can be, well, unhygienic (especially during foot washing). Besides, Sister Johnson will likely give you a look that could curdle milk. Opt for breathable cotton socks that will keep your feet comfy throughout the service.

3. The Fishnet Felon:
Fishnets, mesh socks, or anything remotely see-through is a major fashion faux pas. Remember, modesty is key. Opt for opaque socks that hide your tootsies and keep the focus on the spiritual significance of the ceremony.

4. The Mismatched Mayhem:
As much as we love a good polka-dot and paisley pairing, mismatched socks are a recipe for disaster (and stifled laughter from your fellow congregants). Stick to matching pairs in neutral colors or classic patterns.

5. The Hole-y Horror:
Socks riddled with holes are not only disrespectful but also a safety hazard. A rogue toe peeking out during foot washing is not the kind of attention you want. Inspect your socks beforehand and invest in some new threads if needed.

**Bonus Tip:** When choosing socks, consider the shoe you’ll be wearing. Ankle socks with dress shoes look out of place, while crew socks peeking out of sandals scream “tourist.” Match your sock length to your footwear for a polished look.

Remember, fellow Adventists, socks are the unsung heroes of communion attire. Choose wisely, and you’ll ensure a smooth service that leaves Sister Johnson (your local sock inspector) with a smile (and maybe a sigh of relief).


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