50% Adventist discount off Stripples in participating stores this week

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Hurry before the flood gates close...
Hurry before the flood gates close…
Good news for Adventists that enjoy Stripples with their morning eggs/soy products: Major supermarkets nationwide are giving a 50% discount on the product to any and every proven Adventist until the offer runs out this Friday.

Although Worthington, the manufacturer of the Stripples brand, is not behind the discount, most major US grocery chains have decided to test the strategy. US Association of Supermarkets spokesperson Juan Avila says that the 50% discount is an experiment to see if already rabid consumption of the product by Adventists will be affected significantly by the price cut.

“It is impossible to ignore the obsession that members of the Seventh-day Adventist church seem to have with Stripples. The commitment of Adventists to the brand is nothing short of amazing,” said Avila. “We want to encourage this kind of consumer loyalty.”

Adventists are invited to take full advantage of the offer while it lasts. Proof of membership will be required at checkout. Acceptable membership documentation must include a picture of the shopper’s Worthington product-dominated pantry along with an over-sized tub of charcoal tablets and a recent (no older than a month) church bulletin.


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