7 Reasons Why Jesus Wouldn’t Recognize Modern Evangelicalism

Seven reasons why Jesus would flip the tables if he walked into a modern megachurch.

  1. Ditch the Bling: Jesus wasn’t hawking prosperity gospel from a private jet. He hung out with the poor and preached about letting go of earthly riches. Today’s megachurches with their celebrity pastors and designer suits would be a slap in the face to his message.

  2. Judgement Day is Later, Love Thy Neighbor Now: Jesus wasn’t about building political power to judge everyone else. He preached radical love and forgiveness. Modern evangelicals obsessed with weeding out sinners and fighting culture wars are missing the entire point.

  3. MAGA Ain’t the Message: Jesus challenged the status quo, flipped tables at the temple, and spoke truth to power. Cozying up to political leaders and using faith as a weapon for partisan gain? Not exactly the playbook of the original rebel rabbi.

  4. Healing Hands, Not Hateful Tweets: Jesus spent his days healing the sick and marginalized, not building walls or stoking outrage online. Modern evangelicals fixated on culture wars and political dominance have strayed far from this core mission.

  5. Humility Over Hustle: Jesus wasn’t a self-promoter or a brand builder. The celebrity pastor industrial complex, with its merch tables and social media followings, would be utterly baffling to the guy who rode a donkey and preached from a mountainside.

  6. Love Your Enemies, Not Own Them: Jesus’ message was radical love, even for those who disagreed with him. The “us vs. them” mentality and demonization of political opponents that permeates some evangelical circles is the antithesis of his teachings.

  7. Render to Caesar, But Don’t Take Over Caesar: Jesus rejected earthly power and authority. The modern push for Christian nationalism, with its attempt to mold the nation into a theocracy, would be a shocking departure from his message of humility and spiritual transformation.



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