Adventist disfellowshipped for jumping church potluck line

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Serious business
Serious business
MAGALIA, Calif. — A member of the Magalia Adventist Church was disfellowshipped at the recommendation of the local church board after he was found jumping the fellowship potluck line last Sabbath.

Frank Inskip had allegedly jumped the line with what a church board statement characterized as “casual disregard for well-established potluck protocol right after a sermon on the virtues of patiently waiting upon the Lord.”

Head Elder Chuck Haughte said that while the church board members were making no assumptions about the state of Inskip’s spiritual life, it would be some time before he would be welcome in the Magalia congregation again.

Haughte said that leaders of the church were especially aggrieved at Inskip’s behavior as the amount of Special K Loaf on offer last week was “precipitously low.”


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    1. Howard Hues

      Oh yeah, those cutlets are even more delectable than Fri-Chik! But my all-time favorite is Loma Linda Redi-Burger. I don’t know what they put in it, but boy is it good! Yummy in my tummy!

  1. Pastor Goodluck

    And rightly so. Every good potlucker knows that its elders first, followed by teenagers and children, the rest of the men, (where Inskip should have fitted) and finally the ladies to lick the dishes clean.

  2. 7Upper

    Probably a doctor. St Peter was guarding the hospital cafeteria line and this guy cuts up front and isn’t impdeded. A disguuested linesman asked St Peter why he didn’t send that guy to the back of the line. He saie, Oh, that’s God, he thinks he’s a doctor.”

  3. richard mills

    These pot luck dinners at the SDA churches should be banned. You are eating somebody’s left over stuff all doctored up. Too much tofu. Those ahead of me are always piling the food on their plate. They use no temperance, no self discipline. Their eyes are bigger than their stomach. You are better off eating at home. Make some PB & J sandwiches. Drinks lotsa water. Who says you got to have big & bigger meals on the Sabbath? Is that supposed to be Biblical? When the new Golden Corral opens here in June, that’s where I’m going. Food is hot,. fresh, plates clean, folks are friendly and you can cut in a line to get the food you want. PS-bring your own Little Debbies. Woe iz me!

    1. Tonette

      Most people do NOT take left-overs to potluck. They cook a special dish for potluck. I look forward to it, including making something special of my own to bring.
      This post is too funny! Made me smile. I became disabled 18 months ago. Now I’m the person permitted to cut the line. Feels wrong, but everyone insists I “go ahead” of them. Thanks, Bro. Frank Inskip! Hahaha!!!

      1. richard mills

        Sorry, Tonette-You ain’t been around to many SDA pot lucks, have you? All you gotta do is stare at the “dish” and figure out that it didn’t come from recipe. It was concocted in somebody’s dizzy brain. I speak from experience. Maybe you’re the exception.

    1. Jackson Michaels

      Ha Ha! Isn’t it funny how we served tons of gluten burgers through the years, but now the whole health world is focused on “gluten free” diets?

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