Reader Submitted: GC-approved Mother’s Day gifts

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For Mother’s Day (at least in certain parts of the world) we thought we’d do something different this year. Here’s a list of “GC-approved Mother’s Day Gifts” submitted by one of our awesome readers, Ally.

Amid growing concerns that Adventist men and women may be tempted by the numerous ads encouraging gifts of jewelry and wine for mothers, the General Conference has released a list of approved gifts just in time for Mother’s Day:

Carob-covered Strawberries


They may not be tasty, but they sure are healthy! Carob-covered strawberries will tell your mother you not only love her, but you also care about her health and well-being, though perhaps not her taste buds.

Adult Coloring Books for Christians


Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, but when perusing the many options this Mother’s Day, it’s important to make sure you choose wisely. Any coloring book that seems to promote mythical or mystical elements should be avoided at all costs. Those with Bible verses or hymn quotes or those that depict Biblical scenes are acceptable.

Bible Verse Scarf


Scarves offer a great alternative to jewelry and the GC would like to see more women using these approved accessories to promote important Bible passages that will inspire all those around them. Why buy your mother a beautiful scarf when you can buy her a virtuous one?

A New Crockpot


Is your mother still cooking potluck dishes in a crockpot from the ’70s? A new crockpot is a thrifty gift for the budget-minded individual who doesn’t have a lot to spend but wants to encourage those tasty potluck dishes to continue now and in the future.

Proverbs 31 Artwork


Give your mother some aspirational artwork this Mother’s Day. The GC specifically recommends Proverbs 31-inspired art so your mother can be daily encouraged by her sacred duties.

Anti-Women’s Ordination Book


With the fervor over women’s ordination showing no signs of stopping, Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to gift the women in your life with a book that affirms the GC’s clear stance on this issue.

Ellen G. White Complete Collection


Though pricey, there’s no better way to say “I love you” to your mother than with a complete collection of Ellen G. White’s writing. Though the GC would hope that every good Adventist mother already owns a complete collection, they recognize that this may not be the case, and would like to recommend that sons and daughters help rectify that this Mother’s Day.

While admitting this is not an exhaustive list, the GC expressed that a strict adherence to said list would still be in everyone’s best interest. Regarding the approved gifts, Dimitar Majka, General Conference Vice President of Family and Relationship Oversight, stated, “Each gift has been thoroughly vetted by our Family Oversight Study Committee (FOSC) and we think the list provides a variety of Adventist-appropriate options that any mother would feel delighted to receive, while also reminding her of her God-given duties to her family and her church.”

Special thanks to Ally for the guest post.


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  1. Kate

    Need to add, if your mother is tech savvy, perhaps a CD with the entire works of EGWs writings would be good, especially if her living quarters are small.

    Personally, I rather be taken out for dinner & be surrounded by my offspring. Gotta eat anyway and really want a quiet day not to cook.

  2. richard mills

    Believe it or not, satire or not, our church did give a religious adult women’s
    coloring book this past Sabbath to all the mothers, wannabe mothers, expectant mothers, mothers in law, Grammies and one or two great Grammies. The girls loved it!! A great stress reliever. A neat way to keep the BP down & under control. You forgot tofu BBQ in the back yard. What happened to decorating a bunch of Little Debbies? Mom’s favorite! The photo of the carob strawberries looks uninviting. You should know that busy moms have no time to read SOP, except Adventist Home and Counsels on Diet & Foods. Let’s see what the GC allows for Father’s Day. Woe iz me!!

    1. Hilarious Clinton

      For Father’s Day, the GC will allow leftovers (even older leftovers than usual) to be served at the potluck. After gagging on the ancient leftovers, the lucky fathers will all receive and open standardized gift boxes containing the old standby’s of ties, socks, and underwear (all of which are to be worn, not stashed in a closet nor eaten as an alternative to the disgusting leftovers).

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  3. Terri

    If we were all given a religious adult coloring book in church, I would *act* appreciative, and possibly even talk myself into thinking it’s a great gift. If you don’t appreciate the thought (even when the execution is poor), you probably won’t even get the thought next time around. I’m betting a lot of those women did not love it! But we must always be gracious, grateful, and happy for whatever is done for us, no matter how little it helps our actual lives or how great is the obvious gulf between our needs, and our families’ and church’s understanding of our needs.

    Some frustration there, based on lived and observed experiences.

    1. richard mills

      Terri-You must not be up with the latest trends in adult entertainment. These coloring books, whatever genre, is all the rage. Libraries across the USA are sponsoring adult coloring book times just for getting together and talk “girl” talk. SO, get with it. Time to get “hip”. I hope they give me a Father’s Day adult coloring book to relieve all my stress.

      1. Terri

        Did you mean to sound that condescending? I like to check because sometimes it’s hard to tell on a computer screen.

        I’m fully aware of the current popularity of adult coloring books. The mothers I know, on the rare occasions when they have a few moments to do something, have a variety of hobbies. Typically not coloring books though. Others’ experience may be different, but speaking as a mother, a coloring book is not something that materially helps busy mothers. That’s an opinion, one informed by experience, and you are free to differ.

  4. “Scarves offer a great alternative to jewelry and the GC would like to see more women using these approved accessories….” How did the GC approve scarves when the Bible classifies a scarf as jewelry/finery? See Isaiah 3:15-23 and

    1. Ellen Why

      I was shown that carob-covered strawberries are disgusting and nauseating. I was also shown that a two-headed beast would arise out of America: the fulfillment of that prophecy, as noted by Ben Carson: there are “two Donald Tramps.”

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  5. Donald Dump

    @Kate: Personally, I would rather be taken out to the Great Wall of Mexico and be surrounded by my three wives and assorted “outsiders” such as Ben Carsinogen and Sarah Pale’n. For entertainment, we will listen to both kinds of music (both Country AND Western) and watch re-runs of SNL where poor Darrell Hammond tries to do an impression of me. The dude seriously needs to get a life. On second thought, I could appoint him to be my press secretary/spokesman. Whenever I’d rather be on the golf course or just don’t want to face tough questions, I could send Darrell in, and some folks would never know the difference.

    1. Pill Cosby

      And when you get tired of your third wife, you can trade her in for Cecily Strong’s spot-on impression of Melania. Her version of Melania is better than the real thing.

  6. Jack Frost

    I like the name of the GC VP for Family and Relationship Oversight, “Dimitar Majka” (“Mother Earth”). How appropriate for Mother’s Day! It’s also wonderful that each gift has been vetted by the Family Oversight Study Committee (FOSC). Reminds me of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) — another waste of time and money.

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