Andrews seminary to identify potential prophecy evangelists with this crossword

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BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — The Andrews University-based Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary has revealed a mandatory screening exam for all incoming students intended to help identify those who show aptitude for conducting Daniel and Revelation seminars. The exam takes the form of a challenging, multi-layered crossword puzzle.

Many of the crossword’s clues test knowledge of the Bible and Adventism, but just answering the clues and completing the crossword won’t draw the faculty’s attention. Seminarians who use hints in the completed crossword grid to correctly solve an additional “meta-puzzle” will be flagged as potential seminar evangelists and given additional training to develop their talents.

“It’s getting tougher and tougher to find pastors coming through our programs who have the exegetical chops to do prophecy seminars,” said Cruz E. Grama, Assistant Professor for Large Group Evangelism. “Anyone arriving at seminary can already tell their four-headed, winged leopards from their rib-munching bears, but it’s a rare pastor who can get a motley bunch of uninitiated seminar attendees to see the underlying meaning why those beasties must really be Greece and Medo-Persia. That’s the genius of our screening crossword. If you can solve the puzzle-within-a-puzzle, then you just might have the knack to illuminate the finer points of prophecy.”

The prophecy evangelist shortage is severe enough that Andrews plans to distribute their screening crossword widely through Adventist media, and they have made it available for solving online. Andrews encourages those who think they’ve cracked the meta-puzzle to contact the seminary for verification and possible immediate enrollment.

The crossword can be attempted at To encourage participation and aid future evangelistic efforts, BarelyAdventist will randomly select a winner from among the correct meta-puzzle answers submitted to by Friday, August 12, 2016 to receive a $25 eGift card for use at our Super SDA Store. Additionally, the names (or screennames, if preferred) of all those who correctly solve the meta-puzzle will be published in a follow-up article, ensuring recognition of their puzzle-solving prowess.

When informed of BarelyAdventist’s support, professor Grama remarked, “Well, I wouldn’t expect to find Adventism’s next top evangelist among your unique readership, but good luck to them. They’ll need it.”

Special thanks to an anonymous reader for the story, crossword and reward😎

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  1. richard mills

    Being a Pastor is puzzling enough. Why add to the pile of red tape? If the pastor cannot preach hellfire & brimstone, fugeddaboutit! What we need is more Elijahs & John The Baptists and a few Billy Sundays. No more of this namby pamby stuff. Go for the GOLD!! Woe iz me!!

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