Crafty Adventist mom serves up great disappointment

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BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — Sabbath School crafts enthusiast and Adventist mother of three, Ricci Sima rushed out of her house earlier today claiming she had to run errands. As a snack for her sweet-toothed family, she left behind a Krispy Kreme box in the kitchen.

Her children were excited to discover the box, but were quickly reduced to tears after tearing it open. Inside was a tray of neatly stacked vegetables and some cheesy clip art.

Sima’s crushed children deduced from signs of wear on the donut box that their famously thrifty mom had simply re-used a Krispy Kreme box that they recognized from last weekend’s teen lock-in at the academy gym.

Wiping away tears, all three children purposed in their hearts to be vigilant going forward so as to detect their mom’s tricks. Carob in “chocolate chip” creations could be next.

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  1. richard mills

    Ricci Sima made the most awfulist mistake a Mom could make. Inside should have been a pile of Little Debbies. Now that’s a good seller. Sima is accused of false advertising & misleading the buyer. I’d buy the whole box if she came to my house. As a matter of fact, I’m goona go down to the supermarket now and get my usual daily supply. Hop in and go with me. Woe iz me!!

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