Borat To Remain Fully Clothed For 3ABN Special Music

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Famed Kazakh journalist, Borat Sagdiyev promised he would be appearing “with full clothings” for his performance of “several very nice patriotic hit specials from United States” on 3ABN this weekend.

Urging Adventists to watch his singing, Borat said his segment would be entirely G-rated “because I hear vegetarians not appreciate my old stories.”

He added that being locked down “at crazy place name Weimar” during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, had convinced him to clean up his act and “copy hero James White, owner of glorious beard that resemble bushy animal living on face.”

Trying to high-five a 3ABN reporter when asked if he was excited to sing the patriotic songs, Borat then turned straight to the camera, giving two highly enthusiastic thumbs up.




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