Builders Counselor Doesn’t Fit His Own Wilderness Shelter

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BERKSHIRE, England — In the quaint village of Binfield a group of Adventurers in Builders children gathered for a much-hyped class in wilderness survival by a self-proclaimed modern day missionary/Viking, Olaf Svensson, who never tired of telling church members of his meticulous outdoor craftsmanship and penchant for everything Nordic.

“Builders,” Olaf boomed, “In the wilderness, a good shelter is your best friend. It keeps you warm and dry, safe from the elements and Catholics. Pay close attention; this knowledge will be your ticket to investiture.”

The children listened intently, hanging on Olaf’s every word as he demonstrated how to assemble a shelter using branches, leaves, and more than a dash of Nordic wisdom.

Hours passed, and the children diligently followed Olaf’s instructions. Soon, a forest of makeshift shelters rose around them, each a testament to their determination. Olaf, beaming with pride, surveyed the scene.

However, as the sun dipped below the horizon, a sudden realization dawned on Olaf. He looked at the shelter he had meticulously crafted throughout the day, a shelter that had absorbed all his wisdom and sweat. And then, he attempted to enter it.

To the astonishment of the children, Olaf’s frame proved to be too much for his carefully constructed shelter. He attempted various contortions, but the twigs and leaves that formed his refuge refused to accommodate him.

As night fell Olaf silently promised himself to pack a tent for the Time of Trouble.


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