Carson: “Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump is biggest insult since GC rejected Women’s Ordination”

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Former presidential candidate Ben Carson had strong words to describe Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump for president yesterday.

“Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump is the biggest insult in a convention since my own denomination rejected women’s ordination last summer,” said Carson.

During his speech at the convention, Cruz pointedly did not support Trump in his quest for the US presidency. Cruz was booed afterward, and his actions attributed to settling a personal score with Trump over insults his former rival had made.

Easily the most high-profile Seventh-day Adventist attending the GOP convention this week, Carson called Cruz’s actions “as short-sighted and petty as the decision to refuse perfectly capable women the opportunity to serve as pastors in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Carson, who has become a favored Trump adviser since dropping out of the race, added ominously that Cruz’s decision would bear with it “many grave consequences.”

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  1. The grain of truth within this satire piece is that the decision to refuse to recognize God’s ordination of willing and capable women was a disgrace–especially since the G.C. has already been “commissioning” those women since 1990 (and in God’s sight there is no difference between “ordination” and “commissioning”). As for Dr. Carson making these alleged statements, it’s something he actually could say because he has previously voiced his support for recognizing God’s ordination of women ministers.

    1. Abe Cohen

      It’s hypocritical to withhold “ordination” when the GC has long had “commissioned” women ministers whose authority is virtually identical to “ordained” ministers. (The only things the “commissioned” women ministers can’t do are: start a brand-new congregation from scratch, and serve as a conference president. But 99% of ordained Adventist pastors never do those things, anyway.) It’s a game of semantics and politics.

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      3. bataween- proof is in the pudding. The net is filled with houses being bulldozed. Your opinion is outweighed by evidence showing the opposite. I guess you'll tell me that Israel didn't pass a law in 1978 that makes it illegal to prostilize to Jews. I am not the average blind fool that falls for propaganda that Israel is perfect. In a war for land both sides d bad things. For some reason we are to believe that Israel is above it all. Perhaps it is that chosen people ego thing? There is no perfect country. Can I say USS LIBERTY

  2. Sam Beloglazov

    Cruz was booed off the stage because he broke his pledge to support whoever wins the primary nomination. For all the things people have said about Ben Carson, at least he kept his pledge.

    1. Phil Wheatley

      Ellen White said it first. She explained that the laying on of hands merely recognizes publicly what the Holy Spirit has already done. (Acts of the Apostles, p. 161)

  3. Paul Alinsky

    If you like conspiracy theories, here’s the latest: Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump because Ted actually wants Hillary to win. Why? Because he thinks she will make life so unbearable for the next four years, that Ted will have any easy time of saying “enough of the Democrats” in 2020, and he will win by a landslide on the GOP ticket.

    1. Jamal Jackson

      Could be true. There’s a similar theory about Trump himself. He and Clinton are good friends. He is saying outrageous things on the campaign trail so that he can turn people away from his own party and drive them into Clinton’s arms. Clinton convinced him to do this, by promising him massive tax breaks on all Trump Enterprises business, or she promised him a position as Secretary of the Treasury.

      1. Ashley Madison

        She did not promise him anything. It was actually a threat from Bill to expose what Trump did on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane (which has recently been revealed in a federal lawsuit filed in New York, which contains an affidavit from a woman who was empl0yed by Epstein for 10 years).

  4. Mike Miranda

    It will be interesting to see if The Donald gets accused of plagiarizing a few lines of his speech tonight. Many preachers (including my own pastor) regularly borrow entire sermons from online repositories or books. Last week I asked my pastor what the title of the sermon would be. He told me, and out of suspicion and curiosity I googled it. I found a sermon by the exact same title in a free collection online. I printed it out and took it with me to church. I read along silently, word for word, as he preached that same sermon — with no attribution or citation to the real author. He didn’t even change the personal anecdotes about the author’s relatives and the author’s college experiences, so it sounded weird. But he just read it word for word “as his own.” At one point, the ceiling fan blew the page off of the pulpit. I was so tempted to read the next sentence out loud from my printed copy! (But like a good Christian, I spared him the embarrassment.)

      1. 7Upper

        Wrong. My weekly Truth Letter has the correct truth about everything. I revealed the true identity of the Little Horn of Daniel. It was the Little Big Horn Wyoming battle of the nineteenth century.

  5. Lisa Mona

    If Trump is elected, I’m moving to New Zealand along with Ruth Bladder Ginsing. If Clinton is elected, I’m moving to Canada along with Trump. (And along with Cruz, who was born there.)

    1. Newt Gingivitis

      Don’t go. It’s already clear that they either/both Trump and Clinton would delegate all their duties to their VP, and the Vice President will be someone reliable.

    2. oldschool

      If Trump wins, I am considering moving to Mexico, even though I speak little or no Spanish (something about “casa”). But that is ok, because there will be a high wall between me and the crazies up North!

  6. Lindy

    I have a great bumper sticker
    “Who would have thought that the Anti-Christ would have orange hair?”
    Someone should start printing them and putting them on their cars.

    1. Donald Tramp

      I am not the anti-Christ. I read Two Corinthians. May favorite verse is “money is the root of all success.” You can say whatever you want, but you will see: I will win big. It will be tremendous. It will be YUGE! It will be a landslide against Crooked Hellary Killary!
      ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍Sincerely,
      Donald J. Tramp
      a/k/a Donald Dump
      a/k/a Donald Rump

  7. richard mills

    Hey, Donnie Tramp-Bro-you is right about money is the root of all evil. I also read it in 2 Corinthians. Just look at my lifestyle today. That lack of evil money is causing me all sorts of issues. My kids are living with me. My grandkids are living with me. A few of the neighbors stop by now & then for food handouts. The local Sheriff visits me weekly. Only my two kitty kats understand me. What’s a fella gonna do, Donnie? If youse win, please make my SS check go a long ways to get rid of the evil! Woe iz me!!

  8. Sal Ermango

    Both presidential candidates are losers. So it boils down to the vice-presidential picks. Shall it be Mike Pen-s or Tim Klan? Rump/Pen-s 2016 or Klinton/Klan 2016?

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