Desperate Housewives Of Loma Linda To Debut On Hope Channel

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LOMA LINDA, Calif. – In the first Adventist attempt at a reality show, Hope Channel started filming The Desperate Housewives of Loma Linda earlier this week.

The all-Adventist cast of the show features “Adventist women from all walks of life, all striving to outperform each other in a variety of intensely Adventist contexts.”

A preview of Season 1 teases major drama as the housewives desperately try to beat each others’ special music performances for online church.

The main villain of the show is the devil who somehow manages to take the blame for every technical difficulty that sabotages the home recordings of the special numbers.

The topic everyone is talking about in Season 1 is how much of a gossip Chiz Mosa, a local deaconess, has proven to be. The entire cast agrees that Mosa has a serious problem.

Just about every cast member has come up with a theory for why Mosa is gossiping, each of which has been shared in hushed tones at a secret mid-week Zoom prayer meeting.



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