Electronic scoreboard to track giving in Adventist churches

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Adventist churchgoers will notice something different in church this Sabbath. All church sanctuaries will feature an electronic scoreboard to the left of the pulpit.

The scoreboard will display the names and faces of local members along with the total of their tithe-giving for the month and year-to-date.

“We are confident that this addition to our churches interiors will go a long way towards encouraging generosity and cheerful giving,” said General Conference Denominational Innovations Director, Stephen Rainen. “There is no better way to thank our members for their gifts than to do so openly and transparently.”

Rainen explained that tithes and offerings will now be collected as soon as members have been welcomed to church so that the money can efficiently be counted and the scoreboard updated to reflect up-to-the-minute giving while church is in session.

“The scoreboard will also allow us to set local giving goals for non-tithe offerings on any given Sabbath,” explained Rainen. “Collection totals will be featured next to goal figures in large numbers at the bottom of the scoreboard each week. That way, if the church is short on raising money for a new sound system, for example, the scoreboard can reflect that so a second offering can be collected,” he said.

For the sake of convenience, giving data for all church members will also be available online. The online database will feature historical tithing figures going back 10 years. In addition, registered users will be able to create giving graphs to visualize generosity comparisons among different members.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Sounds like the publican & the Pharisee all over again! I really am thankful I am not like that other guy! If it weren’t for me, where would this church be??????

  2. L Bothe

    Ha! Have thought for many years there would eventually be a credit/debit card swipe/tap device on the back of every pew so members could return tithes and give offerings when they first enter, or give extra should the appeal from the pulpit be convincing enough..!! Numerous churches already have an ATM-type machine in the lobby these days to facilitate electronic funds transfer. 😉

  3. Pastor Bill M.

    WA Conference has considered this option because we know that many members are cheating the conference out of due funds. We have fired pastors where we find this happening most often. You don’t make your $350,000 in your district, then your out of here. This send a great message to the congregation that must give or God will shall be done.

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