FAITHFUL: Local Adventist Labels Every CDC Recommendation A Religious Liberty Denial

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ADVENTIST WORLD — Local Adventist Bill Miller has spent the last several months on social media in a bold crusade against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Regardless of what the CDC recommends, Miller finds a way to label it a religious rights denial.

Miller has told everyone he knows that wearing a mask proves you are buying into the CDC ploy to hamper face-to-face witnessing. CDC warnings a vaccine is urgently needed? Just a way to get everyone microchipped with the Mark of the Beast. Social distancing? A clever scheme to ban churches and GLOW tract distribution.

When he’s not trashing the CDC, Miller has found a way to turn any news headline or Domino’s menu offer into a sign of the times.

It’s gotten so bad the magazine Signs of the Times has an official submissions spam filter for Miller’s email address.


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  1. Marcy

    Well, the CDC has turned into the center for people control, that’s for sure. As soon as the virus began infecting a large number of people in China, the government decided to contain it. It is like trying to contain rats. You try to keep them in a grain bin full of grain and they destroy the grain and multiply. The babies get out of small cracks and overrun fields and get into other bins. When you open the first bin, the many more rats come running out, fat and healthier than before. No one can contain the virus, and all efforts to do so just makes it worse, by incubating it, while making immune systems weaker and more susceptible to it. China “tricked” the rest of the world to be an incubator too.

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