GC Issues Rare Male Modesty Guidelines For Lederhosen-Loving Germans

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Sabbath nature walk?
SILVER SPRING, Md. — German Adventist men have received personalized letters from the General Conference imploring them to wear lederhosen that, at the very least, reach their knees.

The GC issued the rare male modesty directive as an uncharacteristically hot summer continues to persuade Adventists across Europe to wear less and less.

While the GC statement suggests that the new guidelines be followed at all times, they are of “utmost importance” for preachers on Sabbath morning that have, on more that one occasion this summer, put German congregations off their potlucks.


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  1. Ernesto Illingworth

    There are better things to do in life brothers and sisters. The Lord is coming. Let’s use our time wisely to preach the Gospel. This with all te respect that you deserve is a waste of time. People need to know the Lord. May the Lord bless you brethren

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