Insecure Preacher Begging For Amens

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SMALLTOWN, Calif. — Pastor Ezra Doubtfire of Mount Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church has found himself in the spotlight for his incessant use of the phrase, “Can I get an Amen?” Congregants are growing increasingly exasperated with his never-ending quest for validation, even when his messages fall flat and fail to inspire.

Eyewitnesses report that during his sermons, he shamelessly inserts the plea for amens, regardless of the significance or depth of his statements. With an eagerness bordering on desperation, he scans the crowd, hoping to receive agreement and applause, as if his worth hinges solely on those affirmations.

“It’s becoming quite the spectacle to see our pastor begging for amens,” said Emma Thompson, a longtime member of the church. “We used to appreciate his passion, but now it feels like he’s auditioning for a live studio audience instead of delivering a genuine message.”

Speculation abounds that Doubtfire’s unquenchable thirst for validation arises from deep-seated insecurities, perhaps a fear of being forgotten or overlooked for a conference leadership role.


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