Legalist Suing Sunset App For Being Minute Late

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LOMA LINDA, Calif. – Fred Bootherson has lawyered up.

He was horrified last Friday when, as a matter of due diligence, he cross-referenced the sunset time forecast on his Feersi sunset time app with six other official sources.

Feersi was a full minute later than all the other sunset info applications.

In a panic, Bootherson recalled all the times he’d been doing dishes or finishing up his pre-Sabbath bath right up until his app let out its shrill, fire alarm-sounding alert, letting him know it was sunset Friday sunset.

Bootherson’s attorney has filed a legal complaint against Feersi, claiming that, thanks to its complete inability to do the only thing it was designed to do, Bootherson has racked untold 60-second bursts of frantic Sabbath violations on his otherwise spotless heavenly record.



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  1. Richard Mills

    Fred has forgotten the SOP admonition of guarding the edges of thr Sabbath. That’s my motto. I have no issues with the exact sundown time. Try it, Fred, you’ll like it!!

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