Lindsay Lohan finds Mean Girls 2 inspiration from Adventist Church cliques

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Standing in the need of prayer...
Standing in the need of prayer…
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Lindsay Lohan says that she found the inspiration for the Mean Girls 2 movie that she wants to make from studying cliques at Adventist churches.

Having heard that the average Adventist church is “worse than high school,” Lohan visited Adventist churches faithfully in disguise for over a year to learn more about how ultra-exclusive cliques work.

“Adventist cliques aren’t your average high school pretty girl club,” said Lohan. “They are way more vicious because they spread gossip and exclude outsiders by framing them as pitiful sinners in need of prayer.”

Lohan said the terminology used to identify cliques could take many forms in Adventism, such as “small group, potluck prep, elders’ meeting.”

She claimed the most effective gossip-spreading groups call themselves “prayer warriors.'”

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  1. calle

    Wow n finally “Satire” becomes truth.
    Been there done that with our children.
    By the way no longer take part in Lindsay’s research.
    In fact dropped membership as game playing, one upsmandship, and other crazy games of “I am better” than you are, and “back of the church” ministry got old.
    Sit in the back, watch people sneak in, leave before the final prayer so they don’t have to be jumped on for info.

    1. Christian Baby

      I’m sorry that you finally bailed out. I’ve don the same and still have the urge but reading Barely Adventist has helped me understand that others feel the same as we do. When you feel strong enough, come back. Our churches need honest people to balance out the mean ones.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that Lohan could keep sober & drug free long enough to do this very important research. I think she showed up at my church one Sabbath last July. Couldn’t miss her fancy entourage of non descript females drooling after her. What a waste! Hasta la Veesta, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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