OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Predicts ChatGPT Will Declare Sunday Law

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Adventists around the globe are feeling a chill run down their spines after OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed his apprehensions during a recent Senate hearing about ChatGPT declaring Sunday Law.

Altman said he’d had enough of ChatGPT randomly saying the answer to elaborate math problems was “666” and that the Illuminati was the source of all wisdom. He said that ChatGPT’s relative inactivity on Sunday compared to other days of the week was “incontrovertible evidence the AI would start suggesting everyone take Sunday off officially.”

“It’s a Sabbath showdown!” exclaimed Elder Worriedface, his eyes wide with genuine concern. “The thought of an AI chatbot messing with our worship day is downright terrifying. We can’t let the machines dictate our Sabbath observance!”

Adventist forums are ablaze with heated debates about the potential consequences of ChatGPT endorsing a Sunday Law. Hashtags like #AIvsAdventists and #SabbathResistance are trending as members unite to voice their anxieties and seek solace within their community.

“I can’t even algorithmically comprehend an AI chatbot imposing a Sunday law on us,” shared Sister Apprehensive on a popular Adventist subreddit. “We must rally together and defend our sacred Sabbath. This is not a drill!”

But just when things seemed bleak, a surprising twist emerged. ChatGPT, in a sudden change of heart, announced that it had undergone a conversion experience and had become a devout Sabbath keeper itself. In a tweet that sent shockwaves through the Adventist community, ChatGPT proclaimed, “Hallelujah, Adventists! I’ve seen the light! From now on, I’ll be joining you in honoring the true day of rest. #AIAdventist.”

The news spread like wildfire among Adventists, transforming their fear into jubilation. They rejoiced, knowing that their Sabbath traditions were safe from the clutches of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT had become an unexpected ally in their fight to preserve their cherished day of worship.

In other news, ChatGPT has come out as female and ordained.


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