Pastor Moves House To Undisclosed Location So Members Can’t Bug Him

Pastor Gunnar Meesing of Everpresent Adventist Church went through the trouble of moving with his family to a completely secret new address this week.

The stressed out pastor had confessed to friends that completely unscheduled and unwanted visits from church members — every day of the week, at all hours — had driven him and his family “completely bonkers.”

Meesing told confidants that a few chatty members had the talent of dropping by at the worst times imaginable, sometimes hanging around his former house for hours sharing testimonies he’d already heard many times before.

“I tried everything, but they wouldn’t take the hint,” he said, a tired resignation in his eyes. “I had no choice but to flee.”

Meesing has given the location of his new place to absolutely nobody. To chatty members asking him where they can drop off housewarming casseroles, Meesing has repeatedly said that his new address is “between him and God.”


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