Pastor Moves House To Undisclosed Location So Members Can’t Bug Him

Pastor Gunnar Meesing of Everpresent Adventist Church went through the trouble of moving with his family to a completely secret new address this week. The stressed out pastor had confessed to Read more […]

Churches to Appoint Arm-Twisting Coordinator

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The General Conference has announced that Adventist congregation will each be required to appoint one of their more muscular members to the position of arm-twisting coordinator. Read more […]

Adventist church greeters required to use breath mints

ADVENTIST WORLD — In a move towards fresher hospitality for Adventist churches, greeters will be required to use breath mints as of this coming Sabbath. The new policy was established after Read more […]

OBG – Slide Show: 28 fundamental irritations of Adventists

Check out what we dug up from the archives:) SPONSORED LINKS Where single Adventists meet. Free 2-year membership. Single, separated, divorced and widowed Adventists who want to change that Read more […]

Slide Show: 28 fundamental irritations of Adventists

The following is a list of things sure to get under an Adventist’s skin. But count it all joy, friends: Trials bring about character!

Slide Show: What kind of Adventist are you?

Not many people outside of the denomination realize that Adventists come in all flavors and types. We’re rainbow sherbet, not just raspberry sorbet (and yes, maybe we were a little hungry as we wrote this.) But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, everybody is welcome! (Note: There are sure to be more types than the ones presented here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.)

Slide Show: 9 signs you’re in for a long sermon

At some point(s), we’ve all had to sit through sermons that seemed to last forever. Here, some handy signs that enable you to spot when heavy winds are about to blow so you can sit in the back row and set sail early.

Adventism wins ‘Demanding Denomination of the Year’ title as Annual Review is introduced

Christianity Today’s annual listing of Most Demanding Christian Denominations was published today with the Seventh-day Adventist Church listed as the undisputed winner. Always in the top 5 Read more […]