Slide Show: What kind of Adventist are you?

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Not many people outside of the denomination realize that Adventists come in all flavors and types. We're rainbow sherbet, not just raspberry sorbet (and yes, maybe we were a little hungry as we wrote this.) But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, everybody is welcome! (Note: There are sure to be more types than the ones presented here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.)

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  1. Richard Mills

    There are Gladventists, Badventists, Madventists, Sadventists, Gadaboutventists, Fadventists, Radventists, Gayadventists, Xadventists and a few real Adventists scattered here & there. I’m in between, on the fence, grass might look greener on the other side Adventist. Can I get an AMEN? Woe is me!!

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