Pastor’s Husband Sick Of Being Judged On Terrible Flower Displays

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Local pastor’s husband R. N. Down could not be prouder of his wife and her ministry to their congregation. And while he is trying hard to be supportive, he’s sick and tired of all the judgy members that seem to think it is his (unpaid) job to do everything from potluck and song service coordination to children’s Sabbath School – all while looking after his own kids and wearing acceptable shirt/tie combos. His least favorite part of his pastor’s husband duties, however, are flower displays. No matter what he does, they always turn out looking lopsided and wilted. He literally hides from certain members he knows are going to have something to say each Sabbath about his latest arrangement. Down has been looking for a support group of other pastor’s husbands but as they are so few and far between he’s had to content himself with going to town on $1 Dairy Queen Tuesdays.



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