Picture This: Ellen G. White’s Top Looks

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Originally published July 17, 2014

Take a peek at Ellen G. White’s most popular poses. Eat your heart out, America’s Next Top Model!

1.) The “Dreamy/Vision-y Stare to the Side while Writing” Look

1.) The "Dreamy/Vision-y Stare to the Side While Writing" Look.

By far, Ellen G. White’s most popular pose. Harder to do than it looks. (Photo courtesy of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.)


2.) The “Holding a Big Bible in One Hand for a Super Long Time” Look.

This popular pose comes from the story of 17-year-old Ellen Harmon (later White) holding her large family Bible with her outstretched left arm for 20 to 30 minutes. The Bible (on display at the Ellen G. White Estate) weighs 18½ pounds (8 kilos). The story also is notable for inspiring all those who hear it to immediately search for big Bibles and try the feat themselves. (You know you did.)

3.) The “Coquettishly Draped in a Black Shawl” Look

Bet you didn’t know Ellen G. White was a style icon. EGW sported this look back in 1913, and since then has apparently influenced countless others, including celebrities in this day and age. Celebrities like…


Etta James…


and even Robert Pattinson.

4.) The “Side View.”

 Ellen G. White knew how to work a camera. Side views automatically make a person look slimmer. She wisely avoids the too-severe “Side Profile” look. Sooo late Victorian era. Over it!


Ellen G. White apparently liked the “Side View” so much she continued to use it in her golden years.

5.) The “Stand by Your Man” Look.

This photo is one of her most popular and pops up with amazing frequency. The closeness and familiarity between them is evident, but we say: C’mon James, let her sit in the chair. She looks like she could be pregnant. Plus, she got hit in the head. Give a lady a break.

6.) The “Sitting with a Book” Look.

 Her seated position and gentle smile imply: She’s relaxed and ready to have a conversation. The book in hand: She’s intelligent. The tight grip on the book: She is ready to get all up IN IT if one more person comes up to her and starts talking about bicycles again. Seriously.

EGW liked this pose so much she kept it throughout the years. But note the lack of smile in this one: Apparently she’s lost patience with the inane comments. (Photo courtesy of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.)



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