Kanye Announces Atlanta Adventist Academy Listening Event

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ATLANTA, Ga. – Fresh off another Donda listening event in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, rapper/fashion designer Kanye West announced that ahead of his yet-to-be-released album, he wants to have a “straight-up Christian listening event” at the Atlanta Adventist Academy gym.

The artist who wore a a Balençiaga spiked jacket and a bullet proof vest to his latest listening party, says this time he’ll be decked out in AAA alumni gear and “an Adventurer scarf-inspired head covering.”

Kanye has hinted at making a run for the GC presidency as the denominational elections are next year and a US general election is too far off. Although he hasn’t quite decided if he’ll launch a campaign, the artist says he will announce a final decision at the AAA listening event.

AAA has given Kanye access to its gym free of charge in return for the publicity. In gratitude, Kanye promises a mention of the Adventist school in “Soon and Very Soon” one of the Adventist-inspired songs he’s adding to the album this week.


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