Rest in Peace (Literally): A Look at Death and the Afterlife Via Emojis

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When it comes to the State of the Dead, it’s not as spooky as it may seem! 💀💤 After we pass away, we are as still as a rock and as silent as a mouse in the grave, taking a long nap until Jesus comes back. 💭 Our thoughts vanish into thin air, and we’re not dreaming about unicorns or rainbows. 👻 There are no ghosts haunting you, just peaceful slumber. 💤 But don’t worry, you won’t oversleep because God’s got an alarm clock set for the resurrection day! 🕰️⏰ Until then, rest easy knowing that your loved ones are not watching you from the other side, they’re just as quiet as a church mouse. 🙏🏽 So, don’t fear the dead, fear the living who don’t know how to enjoy life!



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