Should You Invite People to Sabbath Lunch if You Haven’t Cleaned?

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Let’s face it, sometimes cleaning for before Friday sunset falls by the wayside. Here’s a cheat sheet to navigate the social minefield of inviting someone over when your place resembles a post-apocalyptic sock drawer.

Consider the Guest:

  • Holy Roller Homie: Super chill friend who considers a half-eaten bag of chips a gourmet spread? Send an invite! They’ll probably bring a cleaning caddy as a hostess gift (because they love you and Jesus).
  • Judgey Janice: Known for her immaculate home and side-eye that could curdle milk? Maybe a raincheck is best. Unless you enjoy unsolicited cleaning tips disguised as friendly conversation.
  • The New Adventist: Trying to impress the potential new church bestie? Tell them your place is a mess but you’d love it if they still came for haystacks.

Evaluate the Mess:

  • Crumbly but Cozy: A few stray Cheerios and a rogue sock won’t warrant a social meltdown. Just blame the dog (or your husband).
  • Biohazard Bonanza: If bioluminescent mold colonies are forming in the corner, suggest the church potluck as the best option.
  • Salvageable with Sweat: Can you blitz the bathroom and living room in under an hour? Invite away! Just make sure your guest doesn’t wander into the “special projects” zone (aka the rest of the house).
  • Potluck Powerhouse: Offer to host, but make it a potluck! Less work and hopefully a chill crowd that turns up.

Ultimately, It’s About Fellowship:

  • A relaxed and honest approach is usually better than canceling. “Hey, I’d love to have you over, but completely forgot to clean! Just close your eyes to the mess.”
  • Focus on spending quality time together. True friends appreciate the company over a perfectly spotless home.


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