Should You Invite People to Sabbath Lunch if You Haven’t Cleaned?

Let’s face it, sometimes cleaning for before Friday sunset falls by the wayside. Here’s a cheat sheet to navigate the social minefield of inviting someone over when your place resembles a post-apocalyptic Read more […]

Church to Introduce Entrance for Introverts – No Greeters

ADVENTIST WORLD – Hot-breath “Happy Sabbaths” and COVID-transmitting handshakes are turning off introverts that just want to be left alone when they come to church on Sabbath morning. After Read more […]

Adventist BNB features best apartments in world for Sabbath naps

ADVENTIST WORLD — Recently launched Adventist BNB (Airbnb for Adventists) was honored by the General Conference Lay Ministries Department for featuring the best apartments in the world for Sabbath Read more […]